Candidates in Council’s 12th District Tout Support From Valley Secession Leaders

From a Times Staff Writer

With the runoff election less than three weeks away, the two candidates for the City Council seat representing the San Fernando Valley’s semirural 12th District are both making the case that they have the support of leaders of the failed Valley secession bid.

Greig Smith, an aide to retiring Councilman Hal Bernson, has touted his endorsement from Assemblyman Keith Richman (R-Northridge), the top vote-getter for mayor of the proposed Valley city, and from other candidates who sought Valley posts.

Los Angeles Board of Education member Julie Korenstein has her own list of endorsements from secession candidates, as well as from lawmakers in the area.

The candidates are seeking to represent the tract neighborhoods beneath the Santa Susana Mountains in the northwest Valley, the center of support for secession.


Both have stressed that they would try to ensure the Valley gets its fair share from City Hall and are in agreement in their opposition to expansion of the Sunshine Canyon Landfill.

Smith has criticized Korenstein’s role on the school board and backed a breakup of the mammoth district. Korenstein has accused Smith of being too closely aligned with developers.

The runoff is May 20.