Man Is Arrested in Boy’s Sexual Assault

Times Staff Writer

An Anaheim construction worker has been charged with breaking into a house in Stanton and sexually assaulting a boy while he slept, authorities said.

Javier Rojas, 25 -- also known as Miguel Montes and Sergio Hernandez -- was arrested early Sunday and charged with seven felony counts, including committing a lewd act on a child and sodomy during the commission of a burglary, said Jim Amormino, a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

News of the arrest was delayed three days while investigators awaited the lab test results, Amormino said. “We have some other physical evidence linking him to the crime,” he said, “but we were waiting for some lab tests to come back, and the preliminary results came back today. We believe that [Rojas] is a dangerous sexual predator.”

Police declined to release any information about the boy, except that he is younger than 14.


Amormino said the boy was staying overnight with a friend in the 11000 block of Dudley Avenue when Rojas broke into the house before 5:20 a.m. Sunday.

“Once inside the home, he apparently encountered the two young males sleeping in a bedroom,” Amormino said. “While he sexually assaulted one of them, the other woke up and screamed. The owner of the house -- his mother -- ran in as the guy was putting on his clothes and running away.”

Sheriff’s deputies spotted Rojas walking along Katella Avenue about an hour later and arrested him without incident, Amormino said. Rojas is being held without bail at Orange County Jail. No date for his arraignment has been set, Amormino said.