Who Would Gain by Adding Pipeline?

Re "City Battles Mesa Homes," Sept. 21:

The City Council of Huntington Beach, in voting to not grant a franchise for the extension of a water pipeline down Bolsa Chica Street to the Bolsa Chica Mesa, is merely carrying out the wishes of the voters who elected the officials as pro-Bolsa Chica preservation candidates. Furthermore, it should be stressed that though it may be within the legal rights of the water company and the developer to exercise eminent domain over city property, such action has no public benefit. It is a blatant case of eminent domain for private gain.

Huntington Beach does not need the construction of an inefficient pipeline that would tear up Surf City streets. Instead, we should be pushing for a fair-market buyout of the developer with Proposition 50 funds. Let's get on with the will of the voters and preserve the Bolsa Chica Mesa instead of having to bear a burden that benefits only those who would seek to build up and pave every last piece of our coast. Save it. Don't pave it!

Evan Henry


Bolsa Chica Land Trust


Reporter Dan Weikel was correct when he said the city is fighting the 6.7-mile water line down Bolsa Chica Street because "the project has not been fully approved, the water company has other options to obtain the needed right of way and the state might buy the development site."

Proposition 50 specifically mentioned money for the Bolsa Chica Mesa.

For the water company to go for eminent domain to get the water to an unapproved project is ludicrous. If the developer would get realistic about the worth of Bolsa Chica, the money is waiting, and it can get a fair profit for a project that should never be built.

Eileen Murphy

Huntington Beach

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