Sharpton Will Host 'Saturday Night'

From Associated Press

Democrat Al Sharpton, whose one-liners and pointed rhetoric have added laughs to the presidential campaign, will host the TV show "Saturday Night Live" next month.

Sharpton will host the Dec. 6 show, which will feature singer Pink as the musical guest. It could be a natural fit for the preacher, who often uses humor to promote his long-shot candidacy and is known to crack up his rivals during debates.

"He said he was actually -- for the first time -- nervous," said Sharpton spokeswoman Rachel Noerdlinger.

Other political figures who have appeared on the show include Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, Jesse Jackson and former Vice President Al Gore.

Although none of Sharpton's rivals for the Democratic nomination have been on, at least three have been depicted.

Actors playing Sens. John F. Kerry of Massachusetts, John Edwards of North Carolina and Joe Lieberman of Connecticut courted a real Gore for the vice presidency during Gore's appearance on the show last year.

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