The Philly connection

The comedic sidekick on the Kevin and Bean show on KROQ-FM (106.7), weekdays from 5:30-10 a.m., Garman is responsible for character voices, celebrity impressions, showbiz news and movie reviews. He also hosted Spike TV's reality show "Joe Schmo," which just wrapped.

Home cooking

On Friday or Saturday night, I go to Frankie's Supper Club, which is an Italian restaurant on Melrose. It's an old-style, sort of East Coast Italian restaurant run by Frankie and his family, and it just reminds me of going to Italian restaurants in South Philly where I grew up. They've got a dish called the Chicken Rosemary named after one of his daughters, which is one of my favorite dishes. When I walk in, Frankie is always screaming, "How are you doing?" You always feel welcome when you walk in.

Cheese steaks

Every Sunday, I go to this restaurant and bar called the Shack in Santa Monica. Pat and Janet Good, the couple who run the place, are also from Philadelphia, or I think she's from Canada, but she's Philadelphian by marriage. They make cheese steaks and hoagies there. So, all the former Philadelphians in the L.A. area gather there on Sunday to watch the Philadelphia Eagles play, and the place is packed.

Play the ponies

I love the Del Mar racetrack. That's a fun way to spend the day. I love the ponies. If I'm not down at Del Mar, I'll go to Santa Anita or, when in season, Hollywood Park. I'm not a big gambler. But I like to spend the day with the racing sheet, look at the tips, figure out which horses are the best bet, go for the trifectas and the exactas and see if I can pick a winner.

Double feature

There's so many unique theaters in Hollywood. There's the Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax. I love the comedies, Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin or Harold Lloyd. Also, there's the New Beverly on Beverly Boulevard, which always shows double features of classic old films. You can see Gregory Peck, Errol Flynn, Humphrey Bogart or James Bond films back-to-back. Then of course, you've got the ArcLight, the Showcase on La Brea and the Egyptian on Hollywood. So, I always try and hit one of the classic movie theaters.

On Melrose

I live off of Melrose, so on the weekends, I love to walk up and down the street and get a cup of coffee and read the paper. It's a great neighborhood to live in, if you like to walk. I always stop in the Wound & Wound Toy Co. I love to stick my head in there and look at all the different windup toys. Another place is Chic-a-Boom, which has collectible stuff, old magazines, movie posters, toys and different things like that. Also, you can't beat Melrose for people-watching. The punk scene is still so alive down there. You'll see guys with mohawks and multiple piercings in their faces walking with people who look like they just got out of prep school.

-- Adam Bregman

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