Schwarzenegger Looks for Facts About His Past

"Schwarzenegger Plans Inquiry Into Groping Allegations" (Nov. 7) struck me as surreal. I thought, surely Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger can't be planning to investigate his own past. Certainly, he knows if he groped those women or not. Then, it struck me. Perhaps he has groped so many women over the years, he really has no clue how many there have been. A sad commentary on the state of leadership in California.

David Salahi

Laguna Niguel


Gee, Gov.-elect Schwarzenegger, you are hiring a firm to investigate those allegations. I can't help but wonder if there isn't a conflict of interest in your actions.

Jeff Glenn

Mar Vista


In view of his ruthless ambition, Schwarzenegger's suggestion that he have himself investigated on the sexual harassment charges is very disturbing. It is also important to understand that so-called sexual harassment has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with power.

Susan Guilford



I was disgusted when women started telling the press that Schwarzenegger had groped them. I was an extra in his movie "The Last Action Hero," and I was going to write and tell you that I was not groped by Arnold. On second thought I wondered, "Was that an insult?" So I decided not to admit that I was never groped by Arnold.

Juanita Cirelli


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