2000 Bishop's Peak Central Coast Syrah

The more Rhone varietals catch on, the harder it is to find a good Central Coast Syrah at a price affordable for everyday drinking. The Talley family is doing a terrific job with their second label, Bishop's Peak Syrah, named for the ancient volcano that towers over San Luis Obispo. Who knew?

The 2000 is drier than most California Syrahs, with ripe, concentrated fruit that tastes intensely of wild blueberries. It loves char and 'cue, winey sauces and gamey meats.


Quick Swirl

Region: California's Central Coast

Price: About $10

Style: Ripe, but dry

Food it goes with: Barbecue, burgers, wine-based sauces and gamey meats.

Where you find it: Beverage Warehouse in Marina del Rey, (310) 306-2822; Vicente Foods in Brentwood, (310) 472-5215; various Whole Foods locations; the Wine House in Los Angeles, (310) 479-3731.

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