Show goes on for Das EFX

Special to The Times

"There's only three of us in here, but we're going to party anyway," Dray, half of the innovative rap duo Das EFX said to a handful of energetic fans Tuesday at the House of Blues, where the headliner, Wu-Tang Clan mastermind RZA, had canceled his performance. On Wednesday, a House of Blues representative attributed the cancellation to "a medical reason" and said that Wednesday's show at the House of Blues Anaheim was also canceled. RZA's publicist said she was unaware of his status.

Patrons were given the option of getting a refund, and most did. But that didn't stop Das EFX from giving a spirited 35-minute set for a few dozen loyal fans.

Dray and his partner, Skoob, made their debut in 1992 with "Dead Serious," an album that introduced a stuttering, way-out delivery that was Das EFX's blessing and curse. The Brooklyn-based artists were embraced as rap visionaries, but virtually every rapper soon mimicked Das EFX's style, quickly turning the pair from trendsetters into a gimmick.

But for the fans Tuesday, innovation was all that mattered. Dray and Skoob kicked off their show with "Mic Checka," a thunderous "Dead Serious" standout, and their tongue-twisting flow sounded as fresh and exciting as it did 11 years ago.

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