He's drawn to the stage and screen

When the book "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" came out -- hypothesizing that Bacon might easily be the center of the universe, at least when it comes to connecting actors to actors -- it was the actor's vast number and range of film rolls that were toted up for scores. When it comes to weekends, there are just six days of separation between Bacon and movies, eateries, shopping, biking and clubbing. That's when he's not acting or touring with his band the Bacon Brothers. The actor is now on screen in the thriller "Mystic River."

Reeling him in

I go to the movies a lot when I'm free on weekends. You can see pretty much anything on Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade. They've got two multiplexes right across from each other. When we're in New York, we can't just walk down to the beach, go to the movies -- it's great.

Making music

My brothers and I played at the Roxy this summer and next to playing myself, I love to go hear great music. I've checked out the Stones and Springsteen in concert. And I've caught some really great shows at places like the House of Blues and the Troubadour. The Troubadour has so much history. I saw an awesome set by Kris Kristofferson there.


There's nothing like going out to hear some good music with a bunch of friends then afterwords we go out to eat. I love the Ivys -- both of them -- the Ivy and the Ivy at the Shore. Both make the best Cajun prime rib, corn chowder and crab dishes. Then there's Chaya Venice. Oh, and there's this place, Cafe Brasil in Venice. They've got this great grilled chicken or fish, plantains with rice and beans and real good lemonade.

Out in Malibu

We stay in a house in Malibu and out there Nobu Malibu makes these special rolls that are so good. I guess they're about the same as Matsuhisa's in the city. And I love the Border Grill's corn tamales. They make them with hot corn and chipotle and they serve them with great margaritas. And Chez Jay -- it's only this tiny place. The waitresses wear fishnets and they might call you "hon," but it's got the best seafood and garlic bread.

Night life

If I go for drinks, it's usually to the Sky Bar. Now that's a very true L.A. scene: the pool, beautiful people and a good martini. There's a restaurant attached to the club called Asia de Cuba, and their food is really good.

Chateau Marmont Lounge has a cool bar scene. They took their outdoor garden and made it into a club, so people smoke if they want to.

Sun day

We like to hike up Malibu Canyon. There are tons of trails and there's that sagebrush and the views. In California, I like to be near the ocean. I love to take the kids to Santa Monica, rent bikes or roller blade down the boardwalk to Venice. When we feel like shopping, we'll go to Melrose, to the old Fred Segal; my wife likes to shop on Montana. Sometimes we go to Revolution for classes.

Car story

One time when my brother came to town, we went to Petersen's museum. They were having this huge exhibition, "Cars and Guitars." We just hung out, checked out all of the cars and the music. We had one of the best times in our lives.

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