Many Donors Help L.A.'s Schoolchildren

"It Takes a Community" (editorial, Nov. 10) uses a recent high-profile fund-raiser for New York's public schools as the basis for asserting a "philanthropic drought" in Los Angeles. On the contrary, foundations support an abundance of educational efforts that benefit the Los Angeles Unified School District. The S. Mark Taper Foundation has given $750,000 to High Tech High-Los Angeles. The Eisner Foundation has committed $1.5 million to support Project GRAD (Graduation Really Achieves Dreams), an organization that partners with the San Fernando High School feeder pattern to increase the number of students entering and succeeding in college.

The California Community Foundation created and provides ongoing financial support to Read With Me/Lea Conmigo, a $500,000 program that trains teachers and parents in early literacy and provides books.

More private donors would further strengthen support for our schools. We encourage private donors to work with the ongoing efforts of our many dedicated member organizations to ensure the resources for providing Los Angeles schoolchildren the quality education they deserve.

Miyoko Oshima

President, Southern Calif.

Assn. for Philanthropy

Los Angeles

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