Dog owners are not inconsiderate

Regarding “Ask About Hotel Rules for Fido” [Letters, Feb. 15]: I share my life with a German shepherd who accompanies me wherever she is allowed. If a hotel is involved, its pet policy dictates my choice.

I certainly understand allergy concerns, and if you have an allergy to animals, you have the added responsibility to make sure you don’t come into contact with them -- much as one with a food allergy must exercise care eating in a restaurant. This surely doesn’t mean others in the restaurant can’t have what you are allergic to. Dogs are essential to the health and well being of many people, and, as such, they and their human companions deserve equal and fair treatment.

As a lifelong dog owner, I can say with complete certainty that dog owners as a group are no more selfish, self-centered or inconsiderate than non-dog owners. As a matter of fact, the added responsibility usually makes them more considerate, less selfish and more tolerant of individuals.

Sylvia Simmons


Hermosa Beach


While I sympathize with letter writer K.M. Morey’s allergies to pets, I think that he or she hasn’t a clue as to what responsible pet owners go through to ensure the well being of their pets. Pet owners are probably the most unselfish, unself-centered and considerate individuals. Are now pet owners to become the pariah that smokers have become?

Dan Morin

West Hollywood