Marine Pleads Guilty to Attempted Murder

Times Staff Writer

A veteran Marine pleaded guilty Monday to attempting to murder a fellow Marine by tossing a grenade at him in Kuwait in a love-triangle plot.

Chief Warrant Officer Larry Framness, 36, an 18-year Marine, admitted rolling a grenade into a guard shack in Kuwait on May 14 after luring Chief Warrant Officer James Glass in by telling him that his wife was on the phone.

Framness and Glass’ wife, Wendy, 33, were having an affair and plotted to kill Glass so they could marry and receive his $350,000 life insurance payout, according to court documents. Glass survived his injuries.


Wendy Glass was indicted in federal court in Phoenix and confessed to the crime, according to the indictment.

Framness entered his guilty plea on the first day of his Article 32 hearing, equivalent to a civilian preliminary hearing. He faces a maximum term of life in prison without parole.

A penalty trial, at which Wendy Glass is expected to testify, is set to begin today at Miramar Marine Corps Air Station.

Framness and Glass were both stationed in Yuma, Ariz., as part of an aviation squadron and had been deployed to Kuwait as part of the war on Iraq.

Framness and Wendy Glass had first plotted to kill James Glass in November by getting him drunk and pushing his car off a steep mountain east of San Diego, documents allege. The plot failed when James Glass, although drinking heavily, did not become drunk or pass out.

Wendy Glass and Framness allegedly discussed the second plot by telephone while Framness and James Glass were in Kuwait. She allegedly told Framness that she did not want to know the details but wished her husband not to suffer.