Before Parade, Maybe They’ll Play the Games


With the media already celebrating the Lakers’ championship, it’s a no-brainer that the Pistons will come ready to play, while our glamorous team will not -- at least until they realize what happened to the Pacers could happen to them.

Gloria Mathys

Rancho Palos Verdes


Now that the Laker turbocharged engine is in full throttle and everyone’s trying to bum a ride throughout the Finals, shouldn’t it be time to trade in that plain “bandwagon” for a newer, sportier vehicle, such as a “bandvertible”? Detroit may be home to the auto industry, but the “pistons” in this V12 purple and gold Laker speedster are more test-driven this time of year.

Besides, isn’t it easier to spot Laker players waving in a convertible than a closed-in station wagon? Especially during parades down Figueroa in June?


Meghan McFadden

Renton, Wash.


Who says the Laker-Celtic rivalry is over? I can’t wait to see Phil Jackson beat Red Auerbach for the record for most championships by an NBA coach.

Hector Reyes