Margaret Linstroth, 89; Childhood Image Is Still on Creamette Boxes

From Times Wire Reports

Margaret Linstroth, 89, whose childhood image still is featured on boxes of Creamette macaroni and spaghetti after 60 years, has died.

Linstroth, who died Sunday in Bloomington, Minn., was the daughter of the company’s founder and eventually led the family foundation.

The “Creamettes Girl,” with big dark eyes and black hair decorated with a bow, grew up to serve as a member of the Creamette Co. board of directors and as a trustee for the family trust. The cartoon image is on the green-and-yellow boxes of pasta on store shelves today.

Her father, James Williams, bought a Minneapolis macaroni manufacturer in 1908 and began the Creamette name. The company was sold in 1979 to Borden Inc.