The real turkeys? Cartoons, RV tale

THE cartoonish illustrations in the Travel section ["Travel Turkeys," Nov. 19] are an insult to the intelligence of your readers and make the section look like a chick-lit novel. A travel section should have photographs of travel destinations to entice readers to visit the area or vicariously enjoy the author's trip.




WHY would someone with no experience driving an RV, much less one that is 37 feet long, without informing his family of his plans, and apparently lacking the sense to use a Woodall's or other directory for RV campgrounds and amenities, even consider such an inane trip ["37 Feet of Sheer Agony," Nov. 19]?

The RV trip wasn't the turkey; it was the nut behind the wheel who had a screw loose (sorry for mixing metaphors).


Canoga Park

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