Another small earthquake hits Bay Area

From a Times Staff Writer

The San Francisco Bay Area was nudged Monday morning by its fourth small earthquake in six days, but no injuries or major damage were reported.

Monday’s quake, at magnitude 2.6, was the smallest in a recent series of temblors occurring along the Hayward fault, which runs underneath the east side of San Francisco Bay. Last week a pair of magnitude 3.7 quakes and a magnitude 3.5 temblor struck.

Seismologists said the activity is not unusual for the area and does not indicate that a major earthquake is on the way.


The recent temblors are regarded as “a small swarm of earthquakes

Still, Hanna said the temblors could be a helpful “wake-up call” for area residents to prepare themselves and their homes for the region’s potential earthquakes.

Sgt. Allwyn Brown of the Richmond Police Department said he felt two of last week’s quakes but they “were just quick jolts,” raising few concerns.