Bass' name to stay on 'Bobby'

Producer Edward Bass said Tuesday he has no plans to remove his name from the credits of director Emilio Estevez's period drama "Bobby" after a story in The Times detailed how Bass kept quiet about his controversial past to people who had worked on the film.

The story revealed that Bass, then using his first name Michael, had served time in prison in the mid-1980s for mail fraud before emerging as one of Hollywood's most controversial promoters of celebrity-driven events.

Speaking by phone from his current residence in Paris, Bass, 49, said Bold Films, the production company behind "Bobby," had given him assurances his credit would remain on the film.

"Bold told me, 'Look, Roman Polanski got an Oscar. People are forgiving,' " Bass said. He added: "Since when are film producers tied to the word 'integrity' to begin with?"

An official at Bold Films said they had no comment. Bass is one of three people who have "produced by" credits on the film.

"Bobby," which features an all-star cast, opens Nov. 17 in L.A. and New York before expanding to other cities.

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