Mystery of a seventh son


Angie Sage

Silas Heap is a seventh son. He rescues a half-frozen baby girl in the forest on the same night as his son, the seventh son of a seventh son, Septimus Heap, is born. Baby Septimus is destined for greatness, for the seventh sons of seventh sons always have great Magykcal powers. But he is pronounced dead by the midwife, who quickly carries him away. The Heaps care for the baby girl, Jenna, as if she were their own child. But one day, the arrival of Marcia Overstrand, the ExtraOrdinary Wizard, and her news turn the Heaps’, and especially Jenna’s, world upside down. In this world of Magyk, who could Jenna possibly be? Is Septimus Heap really dead, as they say? And who is the mysterious young army boy who won’t speak? Read this bestseller fantasy novel to find out the answers to these questions.

Reviewed by Nancy, 11


Las Colinas Middle School



“Ginger Pye”


Eleanor Estes

Jerry and Rachel find the smartest puppy at Speedy’s barn. In order for Jerry and Rachel to buy the dog, they’ll need one dollar. The kids are offered a job by tall Sam Doody to dust the pews for one dollar. Read “Ginger Pye” to find out if they earn one dollar to buy the dog in time. I like this book because it is fun and there is a big mystery that Rachel and Jerry must solve.

Reviewed by Jonathan, 9

Pilgrim School

Los Angeles


“The Hockey Machine”

Matt Christopher


If you are a big fan of hockey, you should read this book. It is about a boy named Steve Crandall who leads his hockey team, the Bobtails, to victory one afternoon. But when things seem good, they get worse. A boy named Kenneth Agard, Jr., is a fan of Steve’s. He is a multimillionaire and a genius. He kidnaps Steve and takes him miles away from home in order to make him become a member of a team called The Chariots. Will Steve escape from this prison, or will he become like the rest of the team? To find out, read this book.

Reviewed by Conor, 10

Towers Elementary



“Ricky Riccotta’s Mighty Robot #1"

Dav Pilkey

At school Ricky does not have any friends, but only creeps that try and pick on him. His dad said, “Son, one day something big will happened to you.” Then this special day happened. Ricky met a large flying robot. The robot’s creator happens to be Dr. Stinky. Dr. Stinky’s goal is to rule the world by having the robot destroy the city. Ricky had more positive plans for the robot. Read the rest of the book and find out how Ricky and his robot friend get even with the creeps.


Reviewed by Adan, 11

Oakmont School



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