Kobe’s whine is not exactly sparkling stuff

Boo-hoo, I understand the

Kobester is still upset.

He doesn’t like what his bosses are doing, or for that matter, not doing. Well, get in line.

I know a thing or two about leaders who appear clueless.


It’s been 3 1/2 weeks since Kobe Bryant told his bosses he was frustrated and they ought to do something to make him happy, and they still haven’t done it. Any moment now he’s going to start stomping his feet.

So what’s he going to do if he doesn’t get his way? Start calling Mitch Kupchak names? Been there, done that. Tell us what he really thinks of Jim Buss? Jeanie has already done that. Is he going to stop passing the ball to his teammates?

What’s he going to do, ask for a trade? Demand a trade? Sure, the Lakers will do that. How about Atlanta’s entire roster for the Kobester, and keep Smush Parker because he’s such a fan favorite?

Let’s see how big of a Lakers fan Jack Nicholson is then.

How about the Kobester for LeBron James? Oh, that’s right, LeBron is still busy. I just hope the Kobester can wait a few days. Vince Carter and Jason Kidd for the Kobester? What is this, a sports talk radio show?

By the way, has Plaschke completely lost it?

Take away the Kobester, and it’s a Sparks game with the upper level closed off. The Kobester, happy or unhappy, isn’t going anywhere.

This is the entertainment capital, and the guy who owns the Lakers and charges what he does for entertainment in Staples is not going to trade away the most entertaining player in the NBA.


What is this -- the day for everyone to go completely crazy?

The Times’ website asked the ridiculous, stupid, off-the-target question Saturday, “You are the Lakers’ general manager. Do you cut or keep center Andrew Bynum?”

Say what? Then I checked the voting results -- surprised, stunned and shocked to see that 25.4% of those voting said Bynum should be cut!

The Lakers have been reluctant to include Bynum in a trade for some of the top players in the game, including Kevin Garnett, and yet the newspaper asks the question as if it’s even a possibility, and then one-quarter of those responding say why not cut him.


The only thing that would make this more idiotic would be to learn later that Kupchak was one of those voting to cut Bynum. Right now, of course, it wouldn’t be hard to guess how Bryant voted.

THE KOBESTER can wear a sandwich board and walk all around Staples Center protesting his dislike for the current Lakers situation, and it really doesn’t matter. He’s got his contract, his obligation to perform, and like any other employee will be asked to make the best of it.

One team wins a title every year, and a lot of great players go into the off-season frustrated. Happens every year. A player sounds off about being frustrated, and the fans like it. It’s good for someone’s image. Sounds like he really cares.

But no matter what the Kobester and Lakers fans might think, the Lakers are not entitled to annual success. Or overnight miracles.


The Kobester wanted his own team. That’s what he said when it appeared Shaq might be leaving, and when he got it, he referred to it as “my team” on more than one occasion. So much for “his guys.”

He says the time is “now” for the Lakers, as if Kupchak, Buss and Phil Jackson don’t know that, or agree with him. The Dodgers say now is the time to win every year. The Angels do the same. The only team around here that doesn’t say such a thing every year is the Kings.

Put all the whining in perspective, and it’s much ado about nothing. Kobe “still simmering” is just one more employee frustrated by what’s going on at work, and feeling helpless that he can’t do a thing about it.

INVITATIONS FOR the big night will go out Tuesday.


Skippy, a nation’s squirrel, is finally about to get his due.

The tragic and untimely passing of Skippy the Squirrel, who made a courageous dash to get across the I-5 only to fall two lanes shy and become a furry bump in the road, has grabbed the attention of untold numbers.

Artwork, done by the preschool children from St. Francis of Assisi School in Yorba Linda, capturing the spirit of the heroic little guy’s Run for the Other Side of the Road, will be on display in the Vessels Club at Los Alamitos Race Course on June 9.

The Skippy Memorial Fund currently is empty, but if someone donates red commemorative “I know I can make it” wristbands, proceeds from their sale will go to the kids in the cancer ward at Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA.


Plans for a Preakness-like flyover have been scratched, but to help honor the squirrel, Southern California’s horse racing sensation of the year, On The Acorn, will run at Hollywood Park earlier in the day.

As part of the spectacular June 9 festivities at Los Alamitos, already dedicated to kids with more than 100 2-year-old horses running to qualify for the $1-million Ed Burke, Kiddy Up will try to make it two wins in a row for the youngsters in the hospital. The first $50,000 that Kiddy Up wins will go to Mattel.

Everyone from Phil and Jeanie Jackson to the McCourts and Steven Sample is going to receive invitations by the end of the week to join Page 2, the wife, Miss Radio Personality, the Bagger, the other daughter, the 7-Eleven Kid, doctors from Mattel and assorted friends -- if some can be found.

Any ideas on who might be added to the guest list -- please advise.


TODAY’S LAST word comes in e-mail from Jay & Brenda Lowy:

“I read your piece on Juan Pierre. I found it to be a gross abuse of freedom of the press. I meet with several serious sports fans each morning for breakfast. It was unanimous ... You are a stinking writer and more so, a stinking man.”

I can’t think of a better reason to start a diet -- breakfast with several serious sports fans.



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