At 0-7, he might want anonymity

Times Staff Writer

Jason Taylor of the Miami Dolphins looks as if he has put on some weight. Like more than a ton.

Plus, he’s 26 feet tall -- about the height of two double-deck buses stacked on top of each other. Or at least that’s the size of the towering replica of Taylor that was unveiled this week in London’s Trafalgar Square.

It’s a way to let people know the Dolphins are playing the New York Giants on Sunday at Wembley Stadium.

You’ve got to hand it to the NFL. What better way to observe the first regular-season NFL game played outside of North America than with the largest animated human figure ever built?


It’s a heck of a lot better than some silly parade or lame tailgate contest, right?

The animatronic of Taylor was created by London-based SFC Company Artem Ltd. as part of an experimental marketing campaign on behalf of the NFL. It took 10 weeks and more than 40 workers to build the superstructure, and it looks pretty flashy.

It’s got movable feet and arms (just like the real Taylor), and travels at 5 mph (slower than the real Taylor).

By the way, the human Taylor is 6 feet 6 and 255 pounds.

Both of the animatronic Taylor’s boots are six feet long. And the football he holds is 25 times bigger than the ones used in a game.

Probably harder to fumble that way.

Trivia time

How many in the U.S. play fantasy football?


Ice burgh

The Kings are playing host to an event called “Hockey & High Heels” at 1:30 p.m. Saturday at Staples Center. And, no, none of the Kings are expected to trade in their skates for stilettos anytime soon.

“Hockey & High Heels” is the title of Lisa Ovens’ book and she will be a guest speaker at this women’s event, which includes an on-ice skating clinic, a social hour, a Hockey 101 Chalk Talk and a tour of the locker room.

Plus, if anyone shows an ability to play in goal, there’s probably going to be a chance to sign a contract.


Program note

Honk if you saw this coming.

Notre Dame’s 2.1 average Nielsen rating on NBC is rock bottom. It’s the lowest average at any time during Notre Dame’s 17-year contract with the network.

Granted, the average doesn’t include the USC game (probably a blessing, since it was a 38-0 blowout), and it should be noted that there is some sentiment on the part of NBC to broadcast the games in prime time to boost ratings for the 1-7 Fighting Irish.


Here’s another way: play better football.

On sale . . . not!

From reader Janice Hough, after the Colorado Rockies had to abandon their online ticket selling because of too much traffic:

Question: What did the Dodgers and Rockies have in common Monday afternoon?


Answer: Neither of them was selling playoff tickets.


So Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban tied for the lowest score on “Dancing With the Stars” on Monday night. Is he going to blame David Stern for that, too?

Trivia answer


As many as 14.7 million, according to a survey done for the Fantasy Sports Trade Assn., with 6% to 10% of that number female.

And finally

Steve Carell of NBC’s ‘The Office” and the new Disney film “Dan in Real Life” was on ESPN before the NFL Monday night game between Indianapolis and Jacksonville. In a skit, he opened a letter from a mailbag that asked how to stop Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.

“Bribe the ref,” Carell said. “Oh, right, that’s basketball.”