Times’ Plaschke selected best sports columnist

The Times’ Bill Plaschke has been selected by the Associated Press Sports Editors as the best sports columnist for newspapers with more than 250,000 circulation for his work in 2007.

It was the fourth time he has won the award, the third time in the last four years.

“I’m feeling equally honored and humbled,” said Plaschke, who has been judged among the top 10 in eight of the last nine years.

“I’m also feeling very lucky because every day I read columnists in all circulation categories who are good enough to win this award.


“Sportswriters are at the forefront of the fight to keep newspapers relevant, and I’m just proud to be one of them.”

Plaschke received an honorable mention in the features category.

Two other Times staffers, T.J. Simers for columns and Kevin Baxter for explanatory reporting, also received honorable mentions.