Baron Davis denies report

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So, are the Clippers going to leave Baron Davis in Northern California and pick up Corey Maggette and Jamal Crawford at Golden State on the way home from Sacramento?

Uh, not quite.

Warriors swingman Stephen Jackson spent some quality time with Davis, his buddy and former teammate, over the weekend in Los Angeles, bonding and talking about old times.

Jackson said that Davis wants to return to the Warriors.

“That’s all we talked about. . . . He wants to come back. And if he wants to come back, I want him back,” Jackson told the Contra Costa Times.


Davis denied that he is ready to bail off the listing 8-21 Clippers ship.

“No, I don’t want out,” he told The Times on Monday at practice. “I don’t know what Stephen Jackson got from my conversation. That never came out of my mouth.

“I’m here. I’m here doing the same thing I did at Golden State. The first year I got to Golden State it was rough. It was a tough season. We were figuring each other out, figuring out the system. That transition year is always a tough year.”

He did confirm some elements of Jackson’s account.

“We talked about how I miss playing with him. When you see people, you miss what you had,” Davis said. “Obviously, in no way shape or form am I ready to jump ship.

“That’s not why I came here. That’s not why I committed to come here. I’m committed here to turn this thing around. I like the talent on this team, I like the promise.

“The team is going to get better. My job is to continue to get better and make this year as positive and productive as we possibly can.”

Clippers General Manager and Coach Mike Dunleavy was asked whether Davis had asked to be traded. The relationship between Dunleavy and Davis often has been uneasy.


“I haven’t had any of those kind of conversations with Baron,” Dunleavy said.

Dunleavy said he did not plan to speak to Davis about Jackson’s comments.

“You read about guys saying stuff all over the place and you never know what’s true and not true, and how it’s perceived or not perceived,” Dunleavy said. “From our standpoint, he’s our player and we’re trying to make the best of our situation.”


The Clippers’ Ricky Davis has been suspended for five games for violating the NBA’s anti-drug program, the league said.

Though the suspension won’t immediately affect the Clippers on the court -- Davis has been out because of a sore left knee -- it could cloud his future with the organization. Davis, who is being paid $2.3 million this season, is averaging 4.3 points in 13 games.

Davis’ suspension won’t begin until the Clippers tell the league he is ready to return.