12 talents served up on plates

In honor of the Santa Monica Museum of Art's 20th anniversary, 12 artists including Kota Ezawa, Joe Goode, Salomon Huerta, Gajin Fujita and Kim McCarty have created signed and numbered, limited-edition plates. All are 14 inches in diameter, made of hefty porcelain and designed in black and white. Some, such as Goode's milk bottle, are graphic. Others, including Ezawa's play on an IKEA ad, resemble Pop art. Do they go on the wall or on the table? That's part of the fun. Production is limited to 125 sets; each set is $2,000 and consists of 12 plates, each designed by a different artist. Bergamot Station G1, 2525 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica; (310) 586-6488; www.smmoa.org.

-- Lisa Boone

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