Life and death and sanctuary

Re “ ‘Sanctuary city’ no haven for a family and its grief,” July 26

While I’m saddened by the June 22 murder of the Bologna family in San Francisco, allegedly by an illegal immigrant, I am also baffled why it took The Times so long to mention it. Was it because “conservative broadcasters have vilified the city and its officials all week”? How much news would be withheld were it not for them? Mayor Gavin Newsom and other leaders of sanctuary cities should be ashamed. I pray that this tragedy motivates citizens to oppose harboring criminals and to alert officials to what is happening to our nation.

Connie Veldkamp

San Clemente


First of all, my deepest condolences to the family of Anthony Bologna and his sons. But once again, the extremist anti-immigration movement has altered the facts to attack undocumented immigrants.

The “sanctuary city” policy in San Francisco was not created to protect criminals. The idea is that city employees, including police, are not required to report undocumented immigrants to federal authorities or ask people about their immigration status, with the exception of felons who are charged with crimes. Hardworking, honest, undocumented immigrants who report crimes won’t be turned over to immigration authorities.

Edwin Ramos, the alleged killer, was arrested on March 30 on a weapons violation. San Francisco authorities notified federal immigration officials, who did not detain Ramos. Federal officials were also alerted after Ramos’ release.

It is clear that Ramos allegedly killed the Bologna family not because San Francisco is a sanctuary city but because somebody didn’t do his or her job.


Jorge M. Delgado


Kudos for the front-page article exposing San Francisco and its mayor for flouting federal immigration laws. I’m looking forward to a similar front-page story regarding Los Angeles and its Special Order 40, supported by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

The family of Jamiel Shaw II, killed in Los Angeles under similar circumstances, experienced the same grief and callous disregard by officials as the family of Anthony, Michael and Matthew Bologna. It’s time we run those who disregard the law out of town, and I’m not talking about the shooters.

James B. Davis

Beverly Hills