District failed to protect kids

Re “2 removed in school sex cases,” May 7

This story shows just how inept the Los Angeles Unified School District is in protecting children. Your story says that a memo was written and sent to 11 senior officials and Supt. David L. Brewer as well as the seven-member school board in February 2007. Why didn’t board members ask about the information in that memo? Ramon C. Cortines, senior deputy superintendent, said the memo “was not that explicit.” The memo stated that the “LAPD is also investigating allegations that he [former Assistant Principal Stephen Thomas Rooney] had an unlawful sexual relationship with a minor.” Just what part of this was not explicit enough?

The school board is a disgrace, and the staff of the school district can no longer be trusted to care for the welfare of children.

Terry Kennedy




Shame on L.A. Unified. Did it learn nothing from the Catholic Church? Alleged child molesters should be fired, not transferred to other schools. These young people may be scarred forever because of the district’s unforgivable conduct.

The ability of L.A. Unified’s leaders to run a school district is continually being called into question by their own doing.


Johnny Nicoloro

West Hollywood