A little matter for the batter to discuss with Dad

With a batting average of nearly .500, outfielder/pitcher Aaron Hicks has shown he is an impact player for Long Beach Wilson High -- in more ways than one.

The other day he belted a pitch over the fence and it landed on his father's car, breaking the windshield. Gave new meaning to the term "foul ball."

Thanks for the warning

Judging from its name, I wouldn't expect fast service at one sushi joint in Long Beach. (see photo).

Thanks for the warning (Part II)

Pam Everett of Burbank noticed an ad for a bedspread that didn't seem to promise much comfort (see accompanying).

Unclear on the concept

Howard Brown of Chatsworth isn't sure he'll be able to teach his dog the last instruction on one park sign (see photo).

Funny business?

Bruce Leiserowitz of L.A. found a good place in Central California to have your clown suit tailored (see photo).

Double fault

A recent New York Times article on the Newseum, a journalism museum, noted that the building's bathroom tiles are inscribed with embarrassing gaffes printed by newspapers, including one made by the L.A. Times.

The L.A. Times snafu occurred several years ago when, incredibly, stories about then-Gov. Pete Wilson and a bear at the zoo were somehow blended into one article.

The result read like this: "After his speech, the governor, accompanied by six children, his entourage and dozens of reporters, climbed out of his pool to pace along his chain-link fence, occasionally standing on his hind legs and tilting his head back."

But the New York Times didn't escape unscathed. It made a mistake discussing another error in its Newseum story.

And it had to print a correction that said: "A museum review on Friday about the Newseum, in Washington, misstated a word in a famous headline on display. The headline, from the Chicago Daily Tribune in 1948, said, 'Dewey Defeats Truman,' not 'Dewey Beats Truman.' "

Misstating a misstatement. Is there another one of those bathroom tiles available?

Moms and leopards

A special Mother's Day breakfast is being thrown Sunday by the Palm Desert Living Desert Zoo and Botanical Gardens, featuring a wildflower walk and an up-close viewing of the zoo's leopards. Best part is Mom can sleep in until 6:30 a.m. or so that day. It starts at 7:30 a.m.


Sorry to say that one business on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena didn't live up to its name. I notice that the Allure Cafe is closed.


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