NCAA contacts Mayo accuser

Times Staff Writer

Louis Johnson, who has accused basketball star O.J. Mayo of accepting cash and gifts in violation of college rules, has been contacted by the NCAA and will cooperate as it investigates the matter, his attorney, Jeff Silberman, said Thursday.

Johnson contends that Mayo associate Rodney Guillory was given a new luxury vehicle and about $200,000 in cash, a portion of which he funneled to the NBA-bound guard on behalf of Bill Duffy Associates Sports Management. When Mayo announced last month that he was leaving USC to turn pro, he said his agent would be BDA vice president Calvin Andrews.

Mayo, in an interview Wednesday with The Times, denied accepting any cash or gifts from Guillory or BDA. Duffy has said he will present evidence to exonerate his agency of any wrongdoing.

Mayo said Johnson might be out for revenge after he was banished from Mayo's inner circle. He also said the accusations might be "a publicity stunt" to drum up interest in a book Johnson is working on. Guillory has not commented on the allegations, which were first reported on ESPN's "Outside the Lines."

Mayo is expected to be a top-five pick in June's NBA draft. The only way that status will change, according to a league executive who by policy would speak only anonymously on such matters, is if the accusations become a distraction during workouts or interviews with the league's teams.


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