Luke Walton

For the Lakers' Luke Walton, a peak weekend might consist of wrapping up an NBA title, but with that still a work in progress, we asked the 6-foot-8 forward to consider activities off the hardwood. Walton, 28, lives in Manhattan Beach during the season and Rancho Santa Fe the rest of the year. He's single with a girlfriend.

SOUTHERN EXPOSURE Around San Diego, I'd spend Friday at Petco Park for a Padres game. They'd probably lose, but I'd still be there. Afterward, we'd go out for some dancing and nonalcoholic beverages at the Gaslamp Tavern, a nice, low-key spot. Get a booth in the back and hang out. Or, if I felt like dressing up, I'd go to Stingaree.

I'LL TAKE MANHATTAN On a Friday in Manhattan Beach, we'd start at my teammate Jordan Farmar's house, playing a little Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Then we'd have dinner at Thai Dishes, a hole-in-the-wall with great food. Then I'd get a group together and go down to the Hermosa Pier. I know the Lighthouse Cafe has live music. Blue 32 has nice, private tables in back; they play good music, and there are go-go dancers and a nice dance floor.

ALL-DAY FUN On Saturday, I wake up early and go to Uncle Bill's Pancake House, the best breakfast place in the South Bay. I'd get the huevos rancheros. Then I'd go home and grab Gus, my English bulldog, and go down to the beach. I love to play volleyball. I can't surf anymore because of my NBA contract, but I can body surf. Then we'd hit Joey's Smokin' B-B-Q (my brother Chris and I are co-owners) and bring food home and then take a nap.

NIGHTLIFE In the evening, if it's a special occasion, we'll get a limo and go to Katsu-ya in Studio City. I'd order the spicy tuna rolls with jalapeno, hand-wrapped crab, popcorn shrimp -- basically, the whole menu. After that, we'd go to Opera or make a call and see what's hot.

GO, BOLTS! On Sunday I'd love to start the day by watching the Chargers on TV, but if that wasn't possible, I'd go for breakfast at Pancho's in Manhattan Beach. Then I'd have everybody over for a pingpong tournament. I have two tables, one in my living room, which is the A table, and another in my garage. You have to win there to make it to the living room. Later, we'd barbecue, and by 6 or 7, everyone's tired and we'll just rent a movie and relax.



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