Ordinary Joes

Having just watched the Dodgers get swept by the Chicago Cubs, it should come as no surprise Joe Torre is not the answer. Unless he can get on base with consistency, steal bases, turn the 6-4-3 double play, pitch regularly into the eighth inning and then save it in the ninth he’s no different from the rest of the team.

Adam Wayne

Los Angeles

If a great restaurant changes its menu and starts selling food that came from a dumpster, no one would go to that restaurant anymore. Why? Because no one wants to pay money for a bad product.


So why do we keep going to Dodgers games? Over 3 million fans per year clearly being duped by an incredibly bad product.

Greg Hanson

Long Beach

Dear Dodgers,


On behalf of all of your fans who care, and some of us care quite deeply, please send Andruw Jones to rehab with Tony Abreu.

Caring since ’73,

Steve Alcorn

Sierra Madre