Blues singer for Canned Heat

Times Wire Reports

Robert Lucas, 46, a blues singer known for his barrelhouse vocals who until recently fronted the blues band Canned Heat, died Sunday at a friend’s home in Long Beach of a suspected drug overdose, his former manager Skip Taylor said.

Lucas had two stints as lead singer, harmonica and bottleneck guitar player between 1994 and 2008 for Canned Heat, the blues and boogie band that formed in 1965 and had late ‘60s hits with “Goin’ up the Country” and “On the Road Again.”

“His unequaled fury and stage presence, together with his earth-shattering vocal delivery, gave him the ability to channel many of the blues masters through his words, songs and musical ability,” Taylor said in a statement. “He has been recognized by blues fans and critics worldwide as one of the most inspired singer, player and songwriter talents of the past decade.”

Lucas recently left the band to pursue his solo career and wrote and recorded seven solo albums.