A search for baby wolves

"The White Wolf"

Ron Roy

Josh, Dink and Mary Rose visit Wallis Wallace in Maine. They sleep in a cabin and look through a telescope. Then some baby wolves are stolen! They begin a search for the baby wolves, then the police are called in. Will they find the baby wolves in time? Read the book to find out what happens next.

Reviewed by Tyler, 8

Trabuco Mesa Elementary

Rancho Santa Margarita


"What Are You So Grumpy About?"

Tom Lichtenheld

This is about grumpy kids. My favorite part is when the boy gets lost in his grandma's bosoms. Does he make it out?

I think this book is very funny. I like this book because I get grumpy sometimes too. I like the kids in this book. You should buy this book.

Reviewed by Mason, 8

Coeur d'Alene



"The Case of the Ghostwriter: Jigsaw Jones Mystery, No. 10"

James Preller

Two young detectives have a mystery to solve. This time it is about a ghostwriter. The writer comes to their classroom. The class is curious. The students pay the detectives to find out who it is. They go to the library to find out the writer's address and phone number. They go to the mystery writer's house. The detectives find out who the writer is. Do you want to find out the answer to the mystery? Go read it!

Reviewed by Amber, 3rd grade

Hugo Reid Elementary



"The Life and Times of George Gershwin"

Jim Whiting

George Gershwin mastered the piano and quickly became a composer. He was born on Sept. 26, 1898. When he was young, he loved playing in the streets. His brother Ira liked school, but George hated it. When George got older, he began to enjoy playing the piano. Soon after he began playing, he became a composer. Something terrible happened at the age of 38. You have to read the book to find out. I recommend this book to ages 9 and up.

Reviewed by Henry, 10

R. D. White Elementary


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