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What a contrast: Manny Ramirez, cutting corners and conning his teammates, his fans and the game of baseball, and Doug Mientkiewicz, enduring pain and frustration so he can return as a pinch-hitter a month earlier than expected and help his team.

The Dodgers should be embarrassed of the way they are shamelessly promoting a cheater. They need to have a Bobblehead Night for Doug Mientkiewicz, not Manny Ramirez.

Jeff Kandel

Los Angeles


According to your "Fan of the House," Dodger Stadium is now family friendly and Prince Fielder is a vegetarian. Sure. What's next?

The Angels have a stellar bullpen and the Clippers will make the playoffs? I didn't just fall off the Manny bobblehead truck, you know.

Ron Reeve



What happened? Where did Russell Martin's "perennial All-Star" potential go? Martin not only can no longer hit, he can't catch and he can't throw. Joe Torre should take a page from Mike Scioscia's book (i.e. Howie Kendrick) and send Martin to triple A for a month to work on his mechanics.

Wendy McCall

Chino Hills

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