Not totally sold on ads

The best and the worst of Sunday’s Super Bowl ads, which are usually better than the game itself, but the game actually lived up to the hype this year.

The best ads -- “Tips”: Easily the best commercial of the night. The way it kept building (“Hey dummy,” punching the koala bear in the face), kept you watching until the end. -- “Confidence”: Touched on something everyone can relate to. We all have something in our lives that fill us with dread. Even a guy like David Abernathy.

Advertisement -- “Alec and Huluwood”: Actually, it really isn’t all that surprising to learn that Alec Baldwin is an alien.


Heroes -- “Football”: Great commercial, especially John Elway’s appearance, but is the new season of “Heroes” going to be so bad that instead of teasing you with clips, they did this instead?

Doritos -- “Crystal Ball”: The first real laugh-aloud moment of the night. Nothing says comedy like a crystal ball to the groin.

Pedigree -- “Crazy Pets”: Combines a great message (adopt a dog) with great images: What if we were forced to use other animals as our pets instead.

Pepsi -- “Refresh Anthem”: From Bob Dylan to, Pepsi has been there for it all.

The worst ads

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes -- “Plant a seed”: So, the message is basically “Hey parents, load your kids up on sugary cereal, then send them to the park unsupervised!”


Firestone -- “Taters”: I enjoyed the jokes in this ad featuring Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head much more when they were in a little movie called “Toy Story.”

GE -- “Scarecrow”: And the pimping out of our classic movies continues. -- “Enhancement”: Despite all these years of Super Bowl ads, I still have no clue what sells. After each one I do, however, always have a feeling that my tires are overinflated. -- “Heeere’s Money”: Instead of taking financial advice from Ed McMahon and Hammer, you ought to go ahead and just burn your money. It’s quicker.


Castrol Oil -- “Monkeys”: Buy this product and you too can make out with a chimpanzee.

Bud Light -- “Meeting”: Instead of layoffs, a guy suggests not buying Bud Light for every meeting. He gets laid off and thrown out of a window. Too unbelievable. Next, you’ll be saying they will lay off guys who sit around and review commercials. Don’t be ridic. . . .

(Editor’s note: This review has been ended because of cutbacks. We wish the writer success in his future endeavors.)