Jones has managed to annoy many fans

This week is the 20th anniversary of Jerry Jones’ purchase of the Dallas Cowboys.

On his first day, Jones fired Tom Landry, and for Cowboys fans it has been love-hate ever since.

Jones, the businessman, has gotten kudos for pouring money into the team, signing big-name players and coaches and for winning three Super Bowls in his tenure. He’s also about to open a $1.1-billion state-of-the art stadium.

But Jones, the meddler, has been trashed for prowling the sidelines, naming himself general manager, his revolving door of inept head coaches and the long drought since the Cowboys’ last playoff win. He also has triggered a boom in Cowboys blogs.


From “The time is now, Jerry. Hire a real GM.” “Jerry, you cannot have it both ways. You cannot act like, promote, and charge us for a superior product when you are fielding a disaster. You owe us a decent chance at winning. You owe us to get out of your own way.”

Or “Based on the results from the last 12 years (no playoff wins), how many times would Jerry Jones have fired the General Manager, if it wasn’t him?”

Trivia time


Randy Johnson, 45, will pitch for the San Francisco Giants, and Tom Glavine, 41, returns to Atlanta this season. Which left-hander has been picked for more All-Star games?

Early grades polled NBA scouts and executives about college players. Here’s what they said about some local talent:

Darren Collison, UCLA senior, guard: “I don’t love him but I like him. He’s a rotation guard in the NBA. His shot has improved, plus he’ll guard the ball . . . because it’s mandated by Ben Howland.”

Jrue Holiday, UCLA freshman, guard: “People are getting on Jrue for not having special numbers, but Russell Westbrook’s numbers weren’t special, either . . . you can see he has a chance to be really good.”

DeMar DeRozan, USC freshman, forward: “I’d like to see him go back to school, but if he comes out he’ll be a lottery pick. . . . He’s going to have to be a pull-up dribble shooter in our league, and he doesn’t have that yet. But remember, he’s only 19.”

Trivia answer

Each made 10 All-Star teams.


And finally

A bankruptcy judge ordered the auction next month of Michael Vick’s palatial home in an Atlanta suburb, with a minimum bid of $3.2 million.

The Realtor describes the eight-bedroom, eight-bath, two-story home in loving detail. It has three fireplaces, a four-car garage, whirlpool, elevator, library, two-story foyer with spiral staircases, private screening room, gym, sauna, plus a lakefront-view.

No mention of doghouses.