Graphic arguments

Re “No sign of many big signs,” March 15

Michael McNeilly has been defacing Los Angeles property for decades now. He is a tagger, a graffiti “artist” whose only interest is feeding his ego and stoking his bank account. His company, SkyTag, boasts that you can see his tags from outer space.

He is robbing the residents of our city of the right and access to unobstructed views of our mountains, beautiful skies and landscape. He is responsible for much of the visual pollution we all suffer, and he needs to be reined in.

This latest stunt he is trying to pull -- apparently, trying to get buildings exempted from new supergraphics restrictions -- only underscores his motivation to take from the citizens what he has no right to. The City Council needs to drop the hammer on him, hard, and now.


Stacey Rain Strickler

Silver Lake


I love supergraphics. I would not want to see them on, let’s say, the rocks of Yosemite, but in a city, they make ugly, depressing, nondescript office buildings fun.

And they generate business in our slumping economy? What a crime!

Vladimir Paperny

Marina del Rey