PETA wants Georgia mascot Uga replaced with robot

From Michael Vick’s involvement with dog fighting to Tony Gonzalez posing nude for an anti-fur ad, the People for

the Ethical Treatment of Animals

hasn’t had trouble staying involved with sports.

After the death of Uga VII, the University of Georgia’s bulldog mascot, PETA requested to Georgia Athletic Director Damon Evans that the school use either an animatronic or a costumed mascot.


“Like other dogs, bulldogs love to run and play, but their compromised respiratory system causes these playful animals to struggle for breath,” wrote Desiree Acholla, the animal rights group’s specialist in animals that are used in entertainment. “Poor ventilation and hot or humid weather can be deadly for a purebred bulldog.”

Even if the university hasn’t responded, there has already been plenty of reaction.

“I can assure the friendly, caring folks at PETA that very few, if any, dogs are treated better, or are more beloved, than Uga,” wrote Matt Hayes of the Sporting News. “I can safely say that the UGA mascots live better, live larger, than a majority of Georgia fans.”

Trivia question


Which conference has the most representation in the Bowl Championship Series national title game?

Holiday cheer

There is no need to scour coupons or watch commercials to catch the latest holiday sales.

Just follow Chad Ochocinco’s Twitter page.

The Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver got a head start on Black Friday, posting pictures Friday morning on Twitter highlighting his shopping excursion. It looks as if he found a way to top last year’s Black Friday effort, in which he arrived at a Best Buy in the early hours to stock up on video games. Ochocinco’s latest shopping spree included falling asleep on a bed at Value City Furniture, visiting Best Buy for a job application, buying soap at a dollar store and finding the biggest bargain.

“Look at this snuggie,” Ochocinco tweeted, “only $5.”

Record breaking

Around here, former UCLA running back Kahlil Bell needs no introduction.


In other parts of the country, well, they’re just starting to get to know him -- in a good way.

After playing on the Chicago Bears’ practice squad, Bell made his debut Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles and ran for 72 yards on his first carry.

Talk about a first impression. Bell’s run was the second-longest first carry of a career in NFL history and the longest since Alan Ameche’s 79-yard run for the Baltimore Colts in 1955.

“It’s safe to say more than a couple of fans had the same reaction,” wrote Kyle Koster of the Chicago Sun-Times. “Who the heck is that?”

Trivia answer

Teams from the Big 12 conference have appeared in the BCS title game six times, including Oklahoma (2001, 2004, 2005, 2009), Texas (2006) and Nebraska (2002). The Sooners won in 2001 and the Longhorns won in 2006.

And finally

MTV’s Kyle Anderson, on why rapper Kanye West should replace the Who for Super Bowl XLIV’s halftime show: “America loves a good comeback, and what better place to reemerge in the public eye than at a distinctly American event like the Super Bowl?”