For the record

Large Hadron Collider: An article in Tuesday’s LATExtra section about the start-up of the Large Hadron Collider said that previous experiments with smaller accelerators had shown that protons and electrons were made of still smaller particles, such as quarks and gluons. Although protons are made of smaller particles, electrons are not.

Pierre Boulez: An article in Arts & Books on March 21 about composer-conductor Pierre Boulez said his April 22 appearance would be at UC San Diego. It will be at the University of San Diego.

Zoe Kazan: An essay in Sunday’s Calendar section about Zoe Kazan said the actress had appeared in a Royal Shakespeare Company production of “The Seagull” on Broadway. The production was staged by the Royal Court Theatre.

Abe Vigoda: The caption accompanying a photo with a review of the Big Ears music festival in Tuesday’s Calendar misidentified three members of the Abe Vigoda band. From left to right, the band members were identified as Reggie Guerrero on drums, Juan Velazquez singing and playing guitar, and Michael Vidal on guitar. In fact, the drummer is Dane Chadwick, the singer-guitarist is Vidal, and Velazquez is on guitar.

Eastern Sierra Academy: An article in the March 17 LATExtra section about a proposal to close the college-prep Eastern Sierra Academy in Bridgeport, Calif., said the distance between that community and Mammoth Lakes, where many students reside, was 35 miles. Bridgeport and Mammoth Lakes are 54 miles apart by road.

UCLA baseball: An item on the UCLA baseball team in Jerry Crowe’s column in Wednesday’s Sports section said the team was 20-1 after a victory over Pepperdine on Tuesday. The Bruins were 21-0 after that victory.

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