Movies opening this weekend

“Death at a Funeral” A funeral service turns into a debacle of exposed family secrets and misplaced bodies.

“Exit Through the Gift Shop” A provocative art world documentary that seems to tell the story of Britain’s anonymous street artist Banksy, but switches over to another story that’s been lurking in the shadows.

“The Joneses” Employees of a stealth marketing organization pose as a seemingly perfect family who, with all the newest goods, hope to make everyone else want what they’ve got.

“Kick-Ass” A young comic book fan decides to become a crime fighter, even though he has no superpowers.


“The Secret in Their Eyes” A former criminal court employee decides to write a novel based on the rape and murder of a young woman.

“Who Do You Love?” A look at the lives of Leonard and Phil Chess, founders of the legendary Chess Records.


“The Cartel”


“Dancing Across Borders”

“Handsome Harry”

“The Perfect Game”