Landslide forces closure of Interstate 10 road

Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

The California Highway Patrol closed off the transition road from the westbound 10 Freeway to the northbound California 57 on Sunday morning after a 100-foot section of a San Dimas hillside came down.

Motorists traveling near the hillside reported the landslide around 9 a.m.

“We received several calls from motorists who either saw dirt coming down or saw that a large amount of it had come down,” said Officer Francisco Villalobos of the California Highway Patrol. “Officers went out to inspect the hillside, and sure enough, a portion of it had come down, so the transition road was closed off.”

Authorities said the dirt and rocks did not spill onto the road but pushed a line of K-rails into the roadway. Repair crews with the California Department of Transportation are at the scene. It was unknown when the transition road would reopen, authorities said.

“This is surely going to affect the morning commute,” Villalobos said.

Last February, a large chunk of the hillside collapsed and closed off the same transition road and another roadway. The pair of connectors was closed off for weeks as crews made repairs and cleaned up tons of dirt. This time around, however, the transition road from California 71 to the northbound California 57 was not affected, Villalobos said. There were no reports of any injuries, authorities said.