Richard Brehaut’s goal is to just do his job

The approach UCLA quarterback Richard Brehaut will take is to see the moment as less important than it really is when the Bruins end training camp with a scrimmage at 5 p.m. Saturday at Drake Stadium.

While this can be a spotlight dance for Brehaut, a sophomore who is filling in for injured starter Kevin Prince, his mind-set will lean more toward being a wallflower.

“We’re not going to run any plays tomorrow that we haven’t run in practice and had a bunch of reps with,” Brehaut said. “I just have to go out and do what I’ve been taught, treat it like there is no one out there, just you and your team.”

That comes from tiptoeing a learning curve that was more a Slip ‘N Slide last season. Brehaut was rushed into college football as a freshman, appearing in six games. At times he looked confused; other times he appeared to force plays or hold onto the ball too long.

Brehaut wants to show growth Saturday night.

“You get caught up in being out there and start trying to be a star,” Brehaut said. “You just need to be the 11th guy doing what the other 10 guys have taught. We don’t need 10 guys doing the right thing and 11th guy trying to do a little extra. That’s when you mess up.”

From Brehaut’s mouth to the football field is Coach Rick Neuheisel’s outlook.

“We just want him to be comfortable,” Neuheisel said. “Not every play is going be called perfectly or be what he wants it to be. We just want him to handle the line of scrimmage. If we punt, we punt, but let’s not turn the ball over.

Prince on mend

Meanwhile, Prince threw longer, and harder, on the sideline Friday morning, finishing it off by spiking the ball hard enough to bounce back to him.

“That was a happy spike,” Prince said later. “Two days ago, it would have been an angry one.

“It’s bearable pain, but I’m not making the throws I can make. We’re being patient. There is no reason to rush back and make things worse.”

Prince threw for 10 minutes on the sidelines, from as far away as 25 yards, and said he was “throwing harder than I have the last couple days.”

The result was “little sharp pains on the side,” something that was, “significantly better,” he said.

Scrimmage plans

It will be light’s … camera … action at the scrimmage Saturday night. Well, maybe scratch the camera part.

In the sign of the YouTube times, Neuheisel was speaking directly to fans in the post-practice media scrum Friday.

“We’d appreciate it if everyone leaves video cameras at home and just comes out and has fun,” Neuheisel said.

Neuheisel said he expects the scrimmage to be “between 60 and 90 plays.” Fans that miss it can check later in the evening.

Quick hits

Offensive guard Eddie Williams sat out with a concussion, Neuheisel said. … Defensive end Datone Jones, just off foot surgery, has been provided with a cart to get around practice — a “red” cart. Bruins fans will take solace in the fact that it’s more Stanford “red” than USC “red.” … Running back-turned-cornerback Damien Thigpen was working as the nickel back with the first-team defense Friday.