Fast Track: Lindsay Lohan wants her career back

Lindsay Lohan says she wants her career back. (Huffington Post)

Here’s the new cast of “Dancing With the Stars.” (Los Angeles Times)

Rupert Murdoch may be the deciding factor in whether or not News Corp. will allow Apple iTunes rentals of Fox TV shows. (Los Angeles Times)

A dance promoter is bringing a hefty lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles over a canceled concert. (Los Angeles Times)

Paris Hilton could face jail time again after her arrest on suspicion of cocaine possession in Las Vegas. (Los Angeles Times)

Paul Giamatti will be on “30 Rock” this season. (Entertainment Weekly)

Paul “Crocodile Dundee” Hogan tells Australian TV he can’t pay even 10% of his tax bill. (New York Times)

Random House’s half-year profits double, and Stieg Larsson book sales are a major reason. (Deadline New York)

Bedbugs have infested the Toronto Film Festival. (Hollywood Reporter)

Disneyland’s Star Tours attraction is finally getting an update -- here’s a sneak peek. (ONTD)

The auteur of “Snakes on a Plane” is moving on to “Shark Night 3-D.” (Hollywood Reporter)

Will “Machete” have its Texas tax incentives slashed? (Austin 360)

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