For the Record

Zelda Rubinstein: The obituary of actress Zelda Rubinstein in Thursday’s Section A said she had no immediate surviving family members. She had a daughter, Nann Lutz; five grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Santa Anita handicap: Liam Durbin’s handicap in Friday’s Sports section incorrectly listed his charts for races at Laurel Park in Maryland instead of those at Santa Anita.

Video game tournament: An article in Thursday’s Calendar section about the Underground Tournament League’s Saturday video game competition said the game “Streetfighter IV” was for the PlayStation II platform. It is for the PlayStation III. Also, the casual gaming lounge at the tournament is hosted by the website, not by the gaming site Get Your Tournament.

Science File: The Page A2 index on Jan. 23 said Science File would appear on Page A20. The feature did not run that day. Science File returns today on Page A26.

Around the Galleries: In some editions of Friday’s Calendar section, a caption under a photograph from Nira Pereg’s three-channel video “Kept Alive” at Roberts & Tilton misspelled her first name as Nina.

Ax & Ma: A review in Friday’s Calendar section of a Disney Hall concert featuring Yo-Yo Ma and Emanuel Ax misspelled the title of “Neruda Songs” as “Naruda Songs.”

On the Media: The On the Media column in Wednesday’s Calendar section said the FCC’s Fairness Doctrine required broadcasters to provide equal time to alternative points of view. The doctrine, abolished in 1987, required broadcast license-holders to present important issues and to offer multiple perspectives. The federal requirement was distinct from the equal-time rule that applies to candidates for political office.

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