L.A. mayor gets restraining order against man who allegedly threatened him

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa received a temporary restraining order Monday against a man who allegedly made a threatening phone call to City Hall and claimed to be communicating with the mayor “via the television.”

Daniel John Molnar, 46, was ordered to stay 100 yards from Villaraigosa and City Hall and not make any calls to the mayor’s office, court records show.

Molnar was arrested Thursday afternoon, several hours after he made the call to Villaraigosa’s office. He allegedly told a receptionist: “The mayor knows who I am ... You tell him that I am going to take him out,” according to records filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

In a declaration, Villaraigosa said he believed the threats to be credible and was “concerned for the safety of the employees of my office, myself and my family.”


Authorities said Molnar is a mid-Wilshire resident and that he had had no previous contact with the mayor’s office.

Molnar told investigators that he was a CIA operative and an A-list actor. He also said that Villaraigosa “had been speaking to him in code via the television,” according to a declaration from Det. Jeff Dunn of the Los Angeles Police Department.

The LAPD booked Molnar on suspicion of making criminal threats. The L.A. County district attorney’s office said Monday that prosecutors declined to press charges.

A hearing is scheduled for July 2 to determine whether to extend the restraining order.

Times staff writer Andrew Blankstein contributed to this report