Jordan Farmar provides a shot in the arm for Lakers

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Jordan Farmar missed Tuesday’s shoot-around because he was getting treatment on a sprained joint on his left pinkie.

Yet, despite not getting that extra shooting he loves on game days, Farmar knocked down shot after shot later that night during the Lakers’ 122-99 victory over the Indiana Pacers at Staples Center.

Farmar made eight of his 10 shots, including three of four three-point attempts.

He finished with 19 points, the second-highest total for the Lakers behind Kobe Bryant’s 24.

“I got the finger taped up and just got a good look to start with and went in and just tried to get to the basket,” Farmar said. “They play a spread-out style of basketball. You can get up and down a little bit. So early in the game, I just tried to be aggressive and get to the basket.”

Farmar was injured when the Lakers played the Memphis Grizzlies last week and has been playing with a swollen knuckle since.

Though it is not on his shooting hand, it’s still an issue since it’s on his guide hand.

“I jammed it a couple of weeks ago and try to stay on it,” Farmar said. “That’s part of the game. I just try to flush it out and get it as healthy as possible.”

Farmar was on the attack as soon as he entered the game.

He made two of his three shots in the first quarter.

He made his only shot in the second.

He made one of two shots in the third.

But it was in the fourth quarter when Farmar was at his best.

He made all four of his shots, two of them three-pointers.

“Some nights it’s going to be like that,” Farmar said. “Some nights you’re not going to have the opportunities. Against Denver, I got two looks. I went two for two, but I only got two shots.

“So, that’s how it goes sometimes. Sometimes you’re going to get 10, 12, 14 shots. Sometimes you get one, two shots. You just got to take it. You just got to play the right way and don’t try to do too much, but be aggressive and be ready for your opportunities.”