Lakers’ Sasha Vujacic is getting a chance to make plays


Each game Sasha Vujacic plays, it is a step in the right direction for him.

After missing eight games with a sprained right shoulder, Vujacic has played in four consecutive games, the one against the Sacramento Kings Tuesday night at Arco Arena being his best.

He had six points on three-for-four shooting.

“I said at the beginning, when I decided that I was going to play, I’m going to play,” Vujacic said. “There’s no more holding back.”

Lately, Vujacic has played at the expense of Jordan Farmar.

That was the case again Tuesday night.

Vujacic played 11 minutes 39 seconds, all in the second half.

He’s still not completely healthy, but he’s well enough to be on the court.

Vujacic wears a pad on his right shoulder, which restricts him some when he shoots.

“Obviously on the shot, I’m going to feel sometimes a little discomfort,” Vujacic said. “But I am spending extra time in the gym just to kind of get used to that. It’s good. I’m excited to play a little bit more.”

Vujacic got an opportunity to play some point guard alongside Kobe Bryant at times and Lamar Odom at other times.

“I love playing point guard,” Vujacic said. “I always say I can play different kinds of positions and I can switch it up. I’ve been in the triangle offense for a very long time and I know how to organize it. I don’t look to score as much. I just want to win.”

Vujacic entered the game for the first time with 2:39 left in the third.

He made a 21-foot jumper less than a minute into his playing time.

But that shot helped the Lakers open a nine-point lead they took into the fourth quarter.

Vujacic made the first shot of the fourth, a 16-foot jumper off a pass from Bryant.

That gave the Lakers an 11-point lead.

The biggest surprise was Vujacic driving in for a layup in the fourth quarter. He left game with three minutes left in the fourth quarter.

He had done his job, even playing good defense.

“I was playing. I was playing,” Vujacic said. “When you’re sitting on the bench, you can’t do those things.”