Clippers hurting without Chris Kaman

Lasting image of a Clippers season: Chris Kaman limping off the court with a sprained left ankle in New Orleans.

Kaman’s house of pain quickly expanded to a world of hurt for the Clippers, who dropped that game against the Hornets last Tuesday and went on to lose the next night at San Antonio and at home Friday against Detroit.

Unfortunately, for Kaman, there is no fast-track healing process for an ankle.


“Not really much else I can do — can’t heal it overnight,” Kaman said before Monday night’s game against the New Jersey Nets.

“Wish there was a miracle pill, but there isn’t.”

Kaman paused for effect and joked, saying: “There is, but it’s not legal.”

He offered a qualified progress report.

“It takes time to build the strength back… It’s pretty good,” Kaman said. “Some days are a little more sore than others, depending on what I do the day before. It’s definitely getting better. It’s just a matter of time.”

Clippers Coach Vinny Del Negro had his own one-liner when he was giving a pregame update about the team’s injuries. In addition to Kaman, the Clippers are without guards Baron Davis (left knee) and Randy Foye (strained left hamstring).

Of the two, Foye apparently is closer to returning.

“Everybody else is ready to go … we haven’t finished warmups yet, though,” Del Negro said, smiling.

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The presence and size of the Nets’ Brook Lopez meant that Clipper DeAndre Jordan got his second start of the season.

Jordan’s season high for minutes had been 19 against the Mavericks on Oct. 31 when he scored 10 points.

Curiously, the flow of information seems to go one way between Kaman and Jordan. Kaman took note of Jordan’s frustration.

“I try to come to him more than he comes to me; that’s just how it is,” Kaman said. “He’s naturally pretty hard on himself. I see some stuff he can get better at. I see some stuff he does good. I just try to be positive with him.”