College football Bottom Ten: Akron loses on a Wednesday, increasing title hopes

Playing on a Wednesday, in the hope that no one would notice, Akron (0-11) fell to Miami of Ohio, 14-19.

This was a big stumble for the Zips, who need only to lose to No. 10 Buffalo (2-8) in their final game to capture the Bottom Ten title.

The Akron-Buffalo game is a week from Friday, a sort of day-after-Thanksgiving turkey.

Meanwhile, No. 2 Eastern Michigan (1-9) will try to keep its fading title hopes alive Saturday when it plays, yes, the same Buffalo. Everyone wants to play Buffalo these days.

Wreck, Record Last Loss Next Loss

1. Akron (0-11) 14-19, Miami (Ohio) Idle

2. Eastern Michigan (1-9) 30-45, Western Michigan Buffalo

3. New Mexico State (2-8) 20-41, Louisiana Tech Nevada

4. New Mexico (1-9)* 23-48, Air Force BYU

5. Central Michigan (3-8) 37-38, Navy Idle

6. Louisiana-Lafayette (2-8) 23-24, Florida Atlantic Florida International

7. Awake Forest (2-8) 3-38, North Carolina State Clemson

8. Wyoming (2-9) 16-42, UNLV Colorado State

9. Vanderbilt (2-8) 20-38, Kentucky Tennessee

10. Buffalo (2-8) 3-20, Beach Ball State Eastern Michigan

11. Texas (4-6); 12. Colorado State (3-8); 13. Rice (2-8); 14. Arizona State (4-6); 15. Arkansas State (4-6); 16. Duke (3-7).

17. Washington (3-6); 18. Cincinnati (3-6); 19. Voted out of office; 20. Alabama (Birmingham) (3-7).

*Returned to rankings after compulsory one-week suspension for defeating Wyoming.

Crummy Game of the Weak: Eastern Michigan (1-9) at Buffalo (2-8).

Rout of the Weak: BYU (5-5) over New Mexico (1-9).

Great TV Euphemisms Dept.: "Media time-out." Definition: Time for commercials.

Student athlete actors: Cal players seemingly faked injuries several times against Oregon on Saturday, trying to stop the Ducks' hurry-up offense. The Associated Press said Cal lineman Aaron Tipoti "got up from making a tackle, went up to the line, looked to the sideline, then fell to the ground holding his leg, just before Oregon could snap the ball." Tipoti made a miraculous recovery, returning for the next play.

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