Fast Track: Ready for 'Harry Potter and the Huge Box Office'?

A roundup of Friday morning's arts and entertainment headlines:

The latest Harry Potter movie is already on track to have a massive box-office weekend. (Los Angeles Times)

Police now think Ronni Chasen was shot from another vehicle, but they still have no motive. (Los Angeles Times)

Call of Duty: Black Ops takes in a record $650 million in its first five days of release. (Los Angeles Times)

The moon is Hollywood's hot topic du jour, with three competing lunar projects in the works. (Los Angeles Times)

Will Ferrell has lost his lawsuit against J.P. Morgan and now has to pay the banking giant's legal fee. (New York Times)

The foundation in charge of Ray Charles' estate is suing the singer's oldest son for using a copyrighted photograph in his new book. (Los Angeles Times)

DMX was arrested in Arizona on Thursday night for violating his probation. (TMZ)

This was predictable: rumors of trouble in Ryan Reynolds' and Scarlett Johansson's marriage. (New York Daily News)

Are you "deformed" and a fan of Kings of Leon? Then the band has an offer for you. (New Music Express)

Richard Dreyfuss' latest off-Broadway appearance is troubled, partly because the actor won't memorize all his lines. (New York Times)

Pennsylvania's Jimmy Stewart Museum is struggling to survive. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Live Nation is suing its former chairman, Michael Cohl, for $5.35 million. (Hollywood Reporter)

-- Patrick Kevin Day

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