LAPD crackdown at Dodger Stadium begins at tonight’s game; half-price drinks canceled

Los Angeles Times Staff Writers

The Los Angeles Police Department will be out in force Thursday night at Dodger Stadium for the first home game since authorities announced a “zero-tolerance” crackdown on rowdy behavior.

The beefed-up law enforcement presence comes after a Santa Clara paramedic was severely beaten at the Dodgers’ home opener.

Fans can expect uniformed officers posted throughout the ballpark. Officials said the officers will be more aggressive about expelling or arresting people who cause trouble.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers have scrapped a plan to sell half-priced alcoholic beverages at at six midweek day games this season.


“As we said last week, we wanted to take a look at all our policies regarding alcohol,” Dodgers spokesman Josh Rawitch told The Times. “In taking a look, we decided it was the right thing to do.”

The get-tough approach is one of several improvements the LAPD and Dodgers organization have promised.

The Dodgers plan to create a computer mapping and crime tracking system for the stadium that is similar to the one the LAPD has used for years to scrutinize crime patterns and hot spots throughout Los Angeles.

Improvements in surveillance and parking lot lighting are planned as well. And the Dodger organization has agreed to revoke the passes of season-ticket holders if they or their guests misbehaved.


Earlier this month, as fans left the stadium after the Dodgers’ opening day game against the rival San Francisco Giants, two men attacked 42-year-old Bryan Stow from behind. Stow remains in a medically induced coma and his doctors say he may have suffered brain damage.