Reality is it’s status quo

Now, Lamar and Khloe in Philadelphia?

Oh, that will go over well with the cast and crew!

Fortunately, at least for their reality TV show ... if not the Lakers who would have loved Andre Iguodala ... Lamar Odom didn’t really go to Philadelphia.

With none of the NBA’s other, quote, reported discussions leading to anything, the draft Thursday turned into a massive yawner.

No, Steve Nash didn’t go to Minnesota for the No. 2 pick.

No, the San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker didn’t go anywhere.

And no, neither Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol nor Odom went to Minnesota for that No. 2 pick.

In a departure from most of the other reports, the Lakers actually offered Odom for the No. 2 pick and Minnesota considered it, briefly.


No beach?

No hotties in bikinis?

Imagine the first show as Khloe breaks the news to the family, and Bruce asks how she can do that to her mom, who just got over Kim’s engagement to some NBA player in ... New Jersey?


Or not.

Actually, Lamar’s reaction to hearing he could go to Minnesota was to vow to retire first.

Not coincidentally, the 76ers apparently didn’t think Lamar would welcome a trade there either.

Actually, there’s a question of how much anyone wanted Odom, as opposed to agent Rob Pelinka trying to get his clients, Iguodala and Derrick Williams, to the Lakers.

In a rare show of exasperation after a week of seeing his players’ names in headlines, Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak zinged an unnamed agent, whose identity was obvious.

“A lot of the stuff you read the last three or four days was agent-driven,” said Kupchak.

“A lot of times agents these days think the way to consummate a trade is to suggest publicly ideas that they come up with, and I think that’s part of the problem as well.”

Kupchak also noted that a “prominent media member” started this, saying they should “blow up” the team.

That was none other than ... Magic Johnson, former Lakers icon and part-owner.

Of course, Johnson always spoke his mind when he was one of them, too, so if they don’t like it, tough.

The journalism version of a food fight was led, of course by ESPN, where any mention of any name in the preliminary fishing and lowballing that precedes real talks, is a story.

Last week’s scoops included one headlined:

“Phoenix Suns, Minnesota Timberwolves have discussed trade involving Steve Nash, sources say.”

The story noted in its first paragraph that the talks were over, having never gotten past the “exploratory” stage.

If Minnesota “discussed” Nash, it went something like this:

Phoenix President Lon Babby: Would you take Steve Nash and any other player on our team for No. 2?

Minnesota GM David Kahn: Steve Nash?

With Nash at 37, the whole thing was a joke, showing Babby’s desperation in his first season running a team after years as an agent.

Showing he’s getting it, if not fast enough, Babby then did the usual 180-degree turn, announcing he’ll never, ever trade Nash.

“I’ve said it a zillion times,” Babby told Phoenix’s KTAR Radio. “We’re not trading Steve Nash.”

Of course, even if he says it a zillion times, it only takes one to make it happen ... so stay tuned.

In things that did happen, mostly to non-playoff teams:

The Cleveland Cavaliers started over with No. 1 pick Kyrie Irving and surprise No. 4 pick Tristan Thompson.

The Milwaukee Bucks traded their No. 10 pick with John Salmons and Corey Maggette for Charlotte’s Stephen Jackson and Sacramento’s Beno Udrih.

The Kings traded No. 7 and Udrih, their starting point guard, for Salmons and Milwaukee’s No. 10 pick, Jimmer Fredette.

The Bobcats traded Jackson and Shaun Livingston and got the Kings’ No. 7 pick, Bismack Biyombo.

The Spurs, who couldn’t find a taker for Parker if it meant taking Richard Jefferson’s huge contract, settled for trading George Hill to Indiana for No. 15 pick, Kawhi Leonard.

The Lakers got some guys in the second round.

In the real world, you have to start somewhere.



Notable picks

1. CLE: Irving (G, Duke)

2. MIN: Williams (F, Arizona)

3. UTAH: Kanter (C, Turkey)

16. PHI: Vucevic (C, USC)

35. SAC: Honeycutt (F, UCLA)

43. CHI: Lee (G, UCLA)

* Complete picks, including Lakers’ and Clippers’ second-round selections. C7



*--* NO. TEAM PLAYER P HT CL FROM MARK HEISLER’S COMMENT 1. CLEVELAND Kyrie Irving G 6-13/4 Fr. Duke Other teams focused on 2016 when he’s a free agent. Just kidding. 2. MINNESOTA Derrick Williams F 6-73/4 So. Arizona Career tracking up dramatically, should make it or make it big. 3. UTAH Enes Kanter C 6-93/4 Fr. Kentucky Jazz front line could be taller but now wide as mountain range. 4. CLEVELAND Tristan Thompson F 6-71/4 Fr. Texas Surprise here but with his length, explosion, no way he misses. 5. TORONTO Jonas Valanciunas C 6-91/2 -- Lietuvos Rytas Not ready but rare Euro center who’s not overgrown small forward. 6. WASHINGTON Jan Vesely F 6-91/2 -- Partizan No scorer but admirers see bigger, less dizzy Andrei Kirilenko. 7. SACRAMENTO (a) Bismack Biyombo F 6-81/2 -- Fuenlabrada Charlotte-bound. May be smaller Serge Ibaka, or Saer Sene. 8. DETROIT Brandon Knight G 6-13/4 Fr. Kentucky Wanted Tristan/Bismack. Who said BK’s better than Stuckey, Bynum? 9. CHARLOTTE Kemba Walker G 5-111/2 Sr. Connecticut With him on Augustin’s shoulders, would have one full-size point. 10. MILWAUKEE (b) Jimmer Fredette G 6-03/4 Sr. Brigham Young Sacramento-bound. Fits with Tyreke ... if he’s an NBA starter. 11. GOLDEN STATE Klay Thompson G 6-53/4 Jr. Washington St. The player Jerry West was dying for drops in his lap. 12. UTAH Alec Burks G 6-5 Jr. Colorado After passing on Knight, wanted point but that’s not how it went. 13. PHOENIX Markieff Morris F 6-73/4 Jr. Kansas Pres. Babby, GM Blanks first to rank Markieff over twin Marcus. 14. HOUSTON Marcus Morris F 6-7 Jr. Kansas Thanks, Suns: Higher-rated twin falls to Rockets. 15. INDIANA (c) Kawhi Leonard F 6-6 Jr. San Diego St. Trade to Spurs for George Hill shows how high Spurs are on him. 16. PHILADELPHIA Nikola Vucevic F 6-101/4 Jr. USC Another dark horse. Dramatic improvement suggests he’s for real. 17. NEW YORK Iman Shumpert G 6-41/4 Sr. Georgia Tech With one Knick over 6-8 1/2 barefoot, need more size than big point. 18. WASHINGTON Chris Singleton F 6-73/4 Fr. Florida St. Billed as great defender but averaged only 6.8 rebounds. 19. CHARLOTTE (d) Tobias Harris F 6-8 Fr. Tennessee Poor man’s Kawhi Leonard. Not gifted but a comer with game. 20. MINNESOTA (e) Donatas Motiejunas F 6-101/2 -- Benetton Treviso Houston-bound. Here’s your basic Euro-overgrown small forward. 21. PORTLAND Nolan Smith G 6-11/2 Jr. Duke Reportedly Denver-bound with Miller as Trail Blazers land Felton. 22. DENVER Kenneth Faried F 6-6 Sr. Morehead St. Somewhere between Dennis Rodman and Renaldo Balkman. 23. HOUSTON (e, g) Nikola Mirotic F 6-81/2 -- Real Madrid Minnesota-bound, in 2016 when Euro deal’s up, for Jonny Flynn. 24. OKLAHOMA CITY Reggie Jackson G 6-11/2 Jr. Boston College OKC, not Portland, gave him promise before he had knee scoped. 25. BOSTON (f) MarShon Brooks G 6-41/4 Sr. Providence New Jersey-bound. Major scorer, yet to guard anyone. 26. DALLAS (i) Jordan Hamilton F 6-63/4 So. Texas Big-time shooter, pain as freshman, got it together last season. 27. NEW JERSEY (f) JaJuan Johnson F 6-9 Sr. Purdue Boston-bound. Good tab for team that needs to rebuild front line. 28. CHICAGO (g, h) Norris Cole G 6-2 Sr. Cleveland St. Miami-bound as Pat Riley trades up for first piece in rebuilding. 29. SAN ANTONIO Cory Joseph G 6-3 Fr. Texas As close as Spurs are to UT, he’ll probably be George Hill Jr. 30. CHICAGO Jimmy Butler F 6-7 Jr. Marquette Well, it’s something: ESPN’S Bilas says “he’ll do no harm.” *--*

TRADES: a-traded to Charlotte in a three-way trade with Milwaukee and Sacramento. b-traded to Sacramento in a three-way trade with Charlotte and Milwaukee. c-traded to San Antonio for G George Hill. d-traded to Milwaukee in a three-way trade with Charlotte and Sacramento. e-Minnesota and Houston traded selections. f-Boston and New Jersey traded selections. i-Dallas traded rights to Hamilton to Portland for Rudy Fernandez. h-Minnesota traded rights to Nikola Mirotic for the rights to G Norris Cole and the rights to the second-round (No. 43) pick.



*--* NO. TEAM PLAYER FROM 31. MIAMI Bojan Bogdanovic Croatia 32. CLEVELAND (j) Justin Harper Richmond 33. DETROIT Kyle Singler Duke 34. WASHINGTON Shelvin Mack Butler 35. SACRAMENTO Tyler Honeycutt UCLA 36. NEW JERSEY Jordan Williams Maryland 37. CLIPPERS Trey Thompkins Georgia 38. HOUSTON Chandler Parsons Florida 39. CHARLOTTE (k) Jeremy Tyler Japan 40. MILWAUKEE Jon Leuer Wisconsin 41. LAKERS Darius Morris Michigan 42. INDIANA Davis Bertans Slovenia 43. CHICAGO Malcolm Lee UCLA 44. GOLDEN STATE Charles Jenkins Hofstra 45. NEW ORLEANS (l) Josh Harrellson Kentucky 46. LAKERS Andrew Goudelock Charleston 47. CLIPPERS Travis Leslie Georgia 48. ATLANTA Keith Benson Oakland 49. MEMPHIS Josh Selby Kansas 50. PHILADELPHIA Lavoy Allen Temple 51. PORTLAND Jon Diebler Ohio St. 52. DETROIT Vernon Macklin Florida 53. ORLANDO DeAndre Liggins Kentucky 54. CLEVELAND Milan Macvan Israel 55. BOSTON E’Twaun Moore Purdue 56. LAKERS (m) Chukwudiebere Maduabum Bakersfield (D-League) 57. DALLAS (n) Targuy Ngombo Qatar 58. LAKERS Ater Majok Australia 59. SAN ANTONIO Adam Hanga Hungary 60. SACRAMENTO Isaiah Thomas Washington *--*

TRADES: j-to Orlando for two future second-round picks. k-to Golden St. for financial considerations. l-to New York for cash. m-to Denver for future second-round pick. n-to Portland.